We can handle your project from magnetic field calculations and simulations to assembly and magnetic field mapping of the finished magnet.

Project management

At the start of each project, a qualified engineer is chosen to lead the project and is the primary contact between Scanditronix Magnet and the customer. A project team is also chosen with personnel from the different departments that will be involved in the project. This means that all competences needed throughout the project is ready from the start.

Calculation, simulation and design

We use internal programs, based on long experience and know-how, to perform magnet calculations and thermal and hydraulic caluculations of coils. Magnetic field simulations are made using 2-D and 3-D simulation software, e.g. Vector Field’s Opera.

Mechanical calculations and simulations are made using internal programs and Solid Edge. Solid Edge is also used to prepare manufacturing drawings. We work closely with our customers and aim to tailor magnets and coils to match each customer’s specific requirements.

Tooling such as winding mandrels, moulding tools, stacking tools etc are also designed in-house.

Coil manufacturing

We manufacture coils in varying shapes and sizes, using hollow or solid conductor. Winding is done with great care on custom made mandrels. The coils are vacuum impregnated using epoxy resins known to have high radiation resistance.

Brazing is made by certified personnel to ensure the highest quality.

Yoke manufacturing

Laminated yokes are stacked and glued in-house using custom made stacking fixtures and shuffling procedures. We have several furnaces to accommodate yokes in different sizes. Solid steel yokes are machined in collaboration with well-known, experienced sub-contractors. Dimensions are verified by use of a 3D coordinate measuring machine.


Assembly of magnets is made with highest care in order to meet the strict mechanical tolerances normally required. As a final control, the insulation between coils and magnet yokes are controlled with a high DC voltage. And in the cases of water cooled magnets, the water flow through the system is verified, and the magnet is pressure tested well above the operational coolant pressure.

Magnetic field measurements

Magnetic field measurements are performed in a temperature controlled measurement room using either rotating coil systems or Hall probe mapping benches. Our equipment includes a state of the art Hall probe mapping bench based on a 3D coordinate measuring machine with excellent accuracy in both positioning and field strength.

Testing and quality assurance

Quality assurance is the major feature in our daily work. All steps of the production chain are covered by a manufacturing and testing instruction and results are documented in a test report. We have all the necessary equipment to perform regularly required tests of our coils and magnets, such as dimensional checks, helium leak test, high hydraulic pressure test and dielectric measurements. Our internal quality assurance system makes sure that all our equipment is recently calibrated, and ready to use!


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