Environmental Policy

Scanditronix Magnet's main business includes sales, design and manufacturing of magnets, coils and related products for medical, scientific and industrial applications.

Our environmental impact consists mainly of:

  • Energy consumption
  • Use of chemicals
  • Waste/hazardous waste
  • Transports

By working with continuous improvement of our business to protect the climate and decrease the negative environmental consequences Scanditronix Magnet AB will, as far as it is technically feasible and economically reasonable, strive for:

  • Decrease energy consumption
  • Decrease number of environmentally hazardous chemicals and the extent of their use
  • Decrease amount of waste/hazardous waste
  • Decrease the environmental impact of our transports
  • Personal responsibility by informing and engaging all employees in environmental issues
  • Involvement from customers and suppliers

In addition, we will adhere to laws and other requirements and work together for a sustainable social development and prevention of pollution.